Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i think, above all things regarding kevin, that i would like to be good to him.

even if he hurts me with careless words sometimes, or isn't able to tell me what he really feels, or if he never really gets over the past with that girl he used to love. that's his shit.

as for me, i'd like to be there when he's feeling vulnerable. and make him lunch, and keep him company whenever he feels lonely. i'd like to do things together with him like peach picking, and cooking together, and falling asleep.

i want to treat him well, and take care of him, as best as i can for as long as i'm able to.

it's super weird but this is the first boy where i'm not constantly freaking out or running away. or hurtling toward. it feels like we're just strolling along together, easy and sweet like honey.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

cinco de mayo: supermoon, dropping acid, twinkly lights. only one of these things was supposed to happen.