Wednesday, August 29, 2012


lessons learned from my brother:

your environment, relationships, job, and body are a reflection of you. get your shit together. don't take any bullshit. work at a job that stimulates you, read books, exercise regularly. get. your shit. together.

(get some damn furniture for your room.)

if you have bullshit in your life, it's good for someone to call you on it.

i think my brother makes me a better person, and i need to be around him as much as possible. he instills in me a need to move, and do.

he looked me in the eye before he left, and said, everything you do, you know.. attack it. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

where does the good go?

so i just found out someone i used to know now has a son. no wonder she got married so fast.
i suppose i am being a bit spiteful (or some other similar adjective), but damn those conservative christians really know how to make you feel horrible and judged and then go around and pull shit they supposedly disapprove of.

i am seriously so fucking done with god's fan club. maybe it's just been a really long time since i've been exposed to genuine christians though. it's sure as hell been a long time since i've been one.

i need to get my ass back to church.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

eyes for eyes

we have to choose the places we don't walk away from.
and when someone said relationships were hard work, it didn't really strike me at the time how difficult it would be. to kiss someone goodbye when you feel like slamming the door, or to fight that base instinct to be petty.

but oh well, random thoughts.

i got a haircut today!