Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Self,


no love,

In other news, I might give up soda for lent. I thought about my DS, but seriously guys. I have got a crap ton of flowers growing in animal crossing that will COMPLETELY WITHER AWAY in 40 days.


there's no way to make that sound any better, is there >_> maybe I need to admit I have an addiction. Maybe I need to give up kongregate.

In other other news, senior design interim reports are due next week and we are utterly, completely fucked.  Winfield wants to go get wasted after all of this. I am on my way to being on board with that. I'm bonding way more with Jennifer these days. Today we went to Ria's Bluebird, which was great :) cuz we get breakfast after our morning site visits. And possibly tomorrow we're going to Octane for their free wednesday beer tastings, should be interesting. Had my first Pabst a few weeks ago at Northside Tavern, that supremely sketchy place on howell mill that I was always intrigued by. ah yess....I'm feeling more hipstery already. [is bricked] kidddinggggg haha.

Brought my camera to school! I know what most of the buttons now do, which hey, I consider progress. Bisca and I are gonna wander around campus/possibly piedmont sometime soon and take some shots :)

You guys, I am actually trying to have a social life. The world may end.  Sublime caramel apple fritters are amazing and I'm sorry I waited until my fourth year to finally go in the store.

ok and cut cuz it's time to eat.

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