Saturday, July 3, 2010

TTT Orientation

There's too much to say about it, will probably have to devote a few hours to writing a blog on it next week or something.

there were a few things relationship wise that came up during whenever. they don't really have to do with orientation at all, so it's super random, but they really moved me with their deceptive simplicity:

one of the guys said this while he was drunkenly slinging his arm around his complicated is it isnt it sort of-girlfriend. it struck me as the truest and possibly most wonderful thing about relationships that i'd heard in a long time: 她是我的.

we were also talking with our counselors about whatever, and the topic of what you look for in a guy came up. she said this, roughly translated: i look for someone whom, when i see them, i can see myself marrying. ahhhhhhh one of those a ha moments, huh?

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