Sunday, October 3, 2010

don't break the rules, son.

when you're at a show, you gotta dance. move around a little.

this is cardinal rule number 1.

unless it's like, shoegaze or whatever, but fuck that.

it's so much less fun if you just stand around.

and then no one wants to stand next to you either, because it's that much harder to get into it when you're standing next to the guy who's no fun.

yeasayer was really really good. they played red cave, so my life was pretty much complete. best line ever:

i'm so happy to have spent the time
with my family, and the friends i love
in my short life, i have met
so many people i deeply care for.

god, mike and his roommates are so cool. they're all like. talented musicians and listening to them jam is just really awesome. ahhhh hirthy. what am i going to do with you. idek

oh man, it's late. ok . ok sleep time

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