Tuesday, March 1, 2011

fake it till you make it

i have decided my new favorite things are blanket cocoons. and pillow forts. and blanket forts?

okay things happened today. brian isn't altogether that fond of me, but when he found out i was sick today he did say, "can't have my favorite DJ getting sick, can we?" which made me happy. also evan is leaving me forks all over the place and it is super pissing off our daytime manager person. i like her lots, actually. but utc is meant to be kinda ghetto. and barring that, just a little quirky. so what if there's random forks in the room? there's a hacksaw in the back storage next to the disco ball. we really gonna get into one upsmanship here?

in other related news, i'm kind of absurdly fond of MN people. it's hard to believe i met evan way before, when he was working on a robot dinosaur (i shit you not, god, i gotta tell mike about this now that i think about it). i doubt he even remembers, that was like half a year before i met him again. it's strange, the way people come into each other's lives. and god, jason is so fucking adorable i want to pat him on the head all the time.

still sickish, though this will probably mark the fastest get sick get better cycle i've ever had.

know this: we can't speak for anyone else.


also, this: you know where to find me.

by all means, i should be a lot busier than i actually am. cue 'things that are going to come around to bite me in the ass'

are those birds chirping outside at 3am annoying the hell out of anyone else?

just sayin'.

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