Thursday, April 25, 2013

the big apple

i dont think of you very much at all these days, but julian's in new york and all i could think of was how when i was there, i'd send you texts and emails and pictures of things and, at the risk of sounding like adele, try to make you feel my love. that is, btw, her only good song. and it is phenomenal. but i digress--

that was the beginning of the end, because i knew that all my messages henceforth would be outgoing.

and when you were there in new york a few months prior, you left me a voicemail. and your tone wasn't boisterous, or obnoxious, but genuine and somewhat affectionate as you told me about your day and asked me to call you.

but, good thing i deleted it, you lying sack of gorilla poo.

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