Monday, December 6, 2010

good grief

you know what i love about snoopy? snoopy is awesome.
snoopy is adorable even when he shouldn't be. he's only in it for his supper dish, and he steals linus's blanket all the damn time. he gets in boxing fights with lucy and then kisses her. ok that part is pretty adorable. but he does have his bad moods, etc.

but he loves his people. he takes care of woodstock, and takes care of charlie brown in is own way. and that signature dance!! he does things as he sees fit, with a remarkable sense of right and wrong. we never doubt that part; that he knows right from wrong. just sometimes he chooses to follow it and sometimes he really really wants that blanket.

everything about him is adorable, from that cute little rounded belly to his distinctive nose.

but you know, i have a feeling if we met a real live person like that, we would all be equally as fond :)

p.s if schroeder is any indication, stay away from musicians.

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