Tuesday, December 21, 2010

love by nature

so i'm looking to start up piano again after neglecting it for a good year. guess i miss the couch building late nights or something, i dunno.

i thought i could do the whole 'rhapsody in blue piano solo' thing when i was perusing sheet music on amazon, but after listening to it a bit on youtube, i realized that that's not for me.

you gotta play the original version gershwin wrote, with the orchestra-- incomplete without the orchestra-- even if you don't have one. because that's the way he wrote it. and that's the way it's played.

when it comes down to it, you make do and hear the accompanying music in your head. god knows that's not gonna be a problem.

and you know, anybody who plays their repetoire solely for the sake of impressing others is just lame. you know, that guy who can't stop churning out tunes in a roomful of people that are more interested in talking to each other. because anybody who's been at it longer than a year or two knows that the real issue is the ugly underbelly. playing five measures over and over for half an hour because your fingers just don't work that way. and the triumph, and the steady progress that follows.

though, when you play for someone, that's an entirely different beast.

anyway, if you can face that head on, that's the true test of worth.

now, then you got your prodigies and people who are always gonna be better because they're naturally talented. i think they go through the same process, just quicker. and you live and let live. because you just try your best, and next time, you try to top it. and slowly, you inch forwards.

i think it's about time to go back.

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