Wednesday, June 8, 2011

old habits die hard

ALSO i had a really fucking vivid dream last night. it was actually a dream within a dream but the dream was so... it was like you couldn't tell, not even from real life. damn. hard to explain, but. could i maybe stop having these? i don't wake up devastated or anything,'s vaguely unsettling.

i don't we should be able to remember with such startling clarity ourselves getting the impossible things we want. it makes realization of reality v. unpleasant

but rarely do we practice this, this lack of delusion in real life either, so, forgivesies?

sometimes, when the scope of human desire stretches toward humble, everyday ordinary things, it becomes inevitable.

tl;dr dreams! they can fuck you up

1 comment:

  1. you probably got incepted. and now your life will have been changed forever without you ever knowing it. every decision you make which you think is your own is now suspect.