Friday, June 3, 2011

an open letter

alright, bitch. i'm gonna say this once. that's a lie, i'll probably write about you at some point in the future, given the rate that you piss me off.

if you wanna play the derisive stereotype game, we can play that. seriously? you wanna make fun of AZNs and okcupid and the people that use it? they're better people than you'll ever be. and wow, yes, asians use hotmail. it's a cultural thing. do i make fun of you because ya on facebook all damn day?

the answer is no! because i'm going to make fun of you for other reasons.

first of all, can there be a rule that you can't say anything stereotypical when you're in a sorority? are you just asking for it? are we supposed to get into those retarded ass hand sign things y'all do in every picture, or hey, actually, could you stop being such sluts for a second and good GOD, bitch, cover up. and all this sorostitute fb posting OMG YOU'RE AMZING I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU MWAH YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS LOVEEEEEEE do you guys have any idea how moronic you sound?

god knows i've got enough fodder to go for days, and absolutely zero respect for your immature, loud mouthed idiocy. you're really not in any position to be looking down on anybody. and though i digress, i don't believe for a damn second you understand anything anthony burgess wrote, or nietzsche for that matter, and fucking spell it right, ohhkay?

i'm gonna get all of these irrational grievances out of my system here instead of passive aggressively posting them on facebook like a little BITCH (note: i'm talking about you!), in tiny contained comments.

now, i understand that i'm biased and we both liked the same boy and i didn't handle that the best. what can i say, he didn't exactly bring out the best in me. so take it with a grain of salt when i say you irritate me to untold degrees. alternatively worded, DAMN, you annoy the shit outta me. what IS it about you.

you're a catty airheaded mess. where the hell do you get off criticizing me and mine?

and so i say this from the bottom of my heart:

cool it, bitch.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to go dye my hair yellow and soup up my honda civic, watch some anime and eat some rice.

AzN PryDe!!!!!!!!!

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