Monday, March 12, 2012


travel, and travel often when you have the means.
it's good, i think, to face our mortality. and to face the streams of others' lives that we only get to be a pebble in, instead of a raindrop.
(which is to say, we don't get to live that life, and see it through to its end in the ocean. we get a snapshot, staid and sedentary--)
and it's good to be reminded of that, to understand that even though we're all just river stones, it's one thing to become wet from being thrown in;
we become smooth and weathered
and forever changed, slowly and continually. those are the true impacts of people and places in our lives.
even if we don't realize it just yet.
it's our duty to grow. and to revel in all the water in the world. tempus fugit.

denmark. hong kong. reykjavik. mallorca. corfu. utah. auckland.
i would love to make much of you.

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