Monday, March 1, 2010


 in context: the coding part of our optimization model's pretty much been taken over by andrew and ab, who do most of it and are fiercely protective of it. the rest of the scheduling team is like doop doop doop

. which leads to this conversation:


Rustann: what do we have left to do?
besides a lot

me: haha
we could start on client slides
while andrew and ab talk in their Secret Coding Club
lol i kid
but i mean, might as well get it out of the way

Rustann: we could pass that off to winfield and dane
you think we could do EDD for glaze?

me:  you mean like connecting it to the matrix information?

Rustann: glaze has no washes i think
Rustann: we could form our own club

me: yeah let's do it
i'll bring the juice, you bring the cookies
we'd totally be way more awesome than their club
just sayin'.

Rustann: robes

me: oh damn
baller haha

Rustann: all or nothing
nut up or shut up

me: ok
we'll order the robes
you've convinced me

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