Wednesday, September 15, 2010

exerpts from a book written in my head

love, for me, will always be this: reconciling the desire to be close enough to someone that your souls are intertwined--with the thought that you are satisfied being a minute blip in their world.

make no mistake: i want to lick the tiny dip on the back of your neck, and kiss the wrinkles around your eyes and know you so completely that your competence no longer intimidates me.

i could go on for years just passing you in the hallway, marveling that you know who i am. never wanting more, just hoping for your quick smile.

it will always be this contradiction. i will never know which one, or how it's possible to feel both.

but i love you.

as long as i know that, i don't need to bother too much with the whys and hows.

maybe they were important, once, long ago, but no longer now.

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