Tuesday, September 21, 2010

get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute

i started running again!! it feels so good. especially the day after, when you're pretty sore. love it love it love it.

the grass outside 8th street << grass in front of the love building. we did get in some quality grass rolling time though! that has got to be like the funnest activity in the history of the world that involves grass!

you know, among the things i'll never understand is the fact that all my post doc researchers from the physics institute? they go on facebook to play cafeworld. i just. what is this even.

so my roommate walked in at the exact moment i clicked on one of my internet friends' links that may or may not have involved a tom hardy picspam. damn, was that awkward. but considering the conversation went
bobo: hey, have you seen this buzzbags advertisement? they're offering money for eggs. i thought they meant chicken eggs?
me: .........

i'm just gonna consider that whole 3 minute exchange a wash and forget about it, possibly for  the rest of my life.

my engr econ prof really likes asking us things and saying "if you dont get it/if you can't do it by now, see me after class. because there are a few things you can do, but continuing this course isn't one of them."

this is me in a foetal position on the floor of the IC: orz

yes, i did just use the english spelling for that. i think it makes me more distinguished. is it working?

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