Saturday, January 1, 2011

so this is the new year (i don't feel any different)

we went to hmart today and bought a salmon filet to make sushi with. we must have gotten 14 pieces of sushi for 7 dollars, which is a steal when you consider that the same amount usually gets you about 4 pieces at a restaurant. i was a little blissed out by the end of dinner, not gonna lie.

they say what you do today, you'll do for the rest of the year. does anyone else believe this?
on some logical scale, it makes sense. we hardly ever change.
on the superstitious side, no harm in trying it, right? i grew up being a little superstitious, to the point of ridiculousness. blame my parents. yes, i know the moon isn't going to come through my chimney like santa clause and bite my ear off if i point at it (don't ask). still, for stupid shit like touching your lucky door ornament before you leave, well, it's not gonna be bad luck. it's either no luck or good luck, right?

and luck definitely exists.

did anyone bother to make resolutions this year? i have some half formed ones, dunno if i'm gonna write 'em down all official like. because that would make it ... something. we'll see! still got 3 more hours till the day is done, right?

started a thing with joe and kento et al called 365 x 6. we're gonna take a picture a day. i'm really excited actually, i think it'll be a nice way to find beauty in a picture of yesterday's leftovers, or whatever. and idk, maybe something constant is what i need this year. let's see if i can stick with it, haha.

anyway, i hope the new year found everyone safe and happy.

does it ever blow your mind that somewhere, someone is thinking about you?

even if you don't even give a fuck about them. someone is thinking about you.


oh, speaking of things that are depressing and uplifting at the same time, this:

no matter what kind of music it is, if it exists, somebody probably likes it.


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