Tuesday, November 15, 2011

first world problems, entitlement issues, sartorial

if you are going to wear a suit, by god, wear it well.

get it tailored. maybe even bespoke, once we graduate and have money to burn.

because a t shirt is exactly what it is. we know perfectly well its form and function.
but oh, the potential of a suit jacket. it is meant to be a very certain thing, and how dare we insult it with the equivalent of wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses.

now, far be it from me to advocate a 3,000 dollar simon spurr that could be buying food for hungry children. it is a bit much.

$100 in alterations though? by all means. because every man should have a fuck-you tie from Hermes. a nice watch. a Cross pen, a Mont Blanc fountain pen, and a nice suit. everything else is negotiable.

otherwise, in your thirties, you're still just a college kid trying to make do with extraneous folds of inferior material.

(for the record, i wouldn't have even let you out of the house looking like that, darling.)

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