Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ugh it's late

me:  lol
why did we do this to ourselves
this wasn't necessary
 Evan:  whoooo knows
because otherwise we wouldn't have met?
 Sent at 1:38 AM on Tuesday
 me:  we met
you wouldnt have known that's when we met
 Evan:  and you wouldn't have cared
 me:  well said
 Evan:  :)
I'm going to go to sleep now
my algorithm is doing its thing
and taking up 99% of the processing of all 4 cores of this computer
so I think it's in God's hands now
 me:  or mine
when i steal into your house
and break it
 Evan:  if you break my computer while this is running
I will ruin everything you know
 me:  you would have to ruin yourself
 Evan:  you would have already done that to me
 me:  worrrrth ittttt
 Evan:  I see
well, goodnight
I'll see you in hell
 me:  k i'll be carrying your broken computer with me
 Evan:  good luck. I will have broken your arms and fingers by then
we have a weird relationship
 me:  we very much do.

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