Tuesday, December 25, 2012

fish bones

i can't think about the memories or else i'll choke on them.

i did, for the record, have a great christmas. lots of good food, and cheer, and a fuji instax, and also spanish wine.

hey, remember that one time you just got back from charlotte and walked over from art foundry to meet me halfway from amli? you had this goofy grin on your face as we caught each others' eyes and you picked me up and spun me around (clockwise, you were wearing a white shirt and i was wearing a fluorescent yellow one), and we kinda just stayed like that for a few seconds with the 7 o'clock sun in our faces before walking over to yardhouse holding hands.

GOD DAMMIT why the hell do i REMEMBER EVERYTHING when i have a kid they're not learning piano because i'm convinced this is to blame

also i got a harmonica

it's all like fish bones stuck in your throat
either way you can't say a word

but i guess you can sing the blues because you now have a harmonica

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