Saturday, December 22, 2012

in repair

wow, so... in a detail that i absolutely should not know, M arrives in atlanta tomorrow.
i would be a lot more filled with dread, were i not so morbidly enthralled. in the sense that i would like to get some popcorn and just watch this as a movie and see how it all plays out. will he get with her? will he forget about me? will it have the tiniest modicum of something meaningful? will i cross his mind? will he continue to be wracked with ennui? who knows! i wish it weren't as fascinating as it is, but there you have it.

in other news, i rode on the back of daniel's bike yesterday, and uh. whew. that thing they say about bikes being chick magnets. he accelerated and i was so delighted and i couldn't help but think, oh man, i have the world's tiniest crush on you now for no rational reason whatsoever. not that, you know, i'd ever date him, because, my life can't be normal, but. whew. he, uh. he's. y'know. he's cute.



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