Monday, May 6, 2013


i have a really fancy shmancy camera now. but there's nothing quite like that feeling when i first got my holga, unrolling the film and taking pictures. seeing it develop with that grain and that muted feeling of summer that no amount of photoshop or filters or what the fuck ever could reproduce.

even though film is dying, like vinyl is dying, i'll tell you why it held on for as long as it did:

because it made photography an experience. you captured moments that were precious because you had 12 shots and that was it, and you never knew what you were going to get. for me, it captured summer and that one specific time in my life, and it was wonderful.

and it might even be a reach, but that low-fi, fuzzy quality? it feels like it should.
like, do you remember shady afternoons with the screen door open, quietly slurping watermelon from a tupperware bowl on the counter? it's peaceful and muted around you, and somehow, somehow, that's what you get from that dark space in a film photo. that softness.

fuck instagram and everything it stands for. life is not supposed to be skeumorphic.

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