Sunday, May 10, 2009

andy stanley_staying in love

  • Falling in love requires a pulse. Staying in love requires a plan.
  • Love is not a state of being. It needs to be a verb.

Wow. Today's Once again, Andy changes everything I thought I knew about a life-relevant topic. I mean, the above points were main. But if you guys could hear it.... it's so much more than that. Dunno how to say it, but I feel. Like I'm going into something a little less blind. Andy does something as a pastor that I have never heard or felt anywhere else. Man, it's amazing.

"And we know that in this world and in this culture, the chances of finding someone you can stay in love with, something deeper than soul mates, forever, is slim. Not just someone to live with but to really do life with. But somehow, despite that, we all hope and believe that it can happen. And I think that is the thumbprint of God on your soul."

eta: OH DUH. YOU CAN HEAR IT.  under messages. 


  1. i just watched the first part to the series :) can't wait for the other parts. thanks for sharing :D