Monday, August 23, 2010

dear taiwan

i miss you more than words can say.

i know we get used to it all, and i cried for a week when first went to peoria.

but even though you were hot and i got bitten by your mosquitoes 837264723 times, you had by far some of the most delicious food i've ever eaten in my life. some of the best company, highest highs, prettiest views, funnest times.

there is never any time to be a part of all the lives you want to be a part of.

i would love to be around when kuan kuan gets married next year, or watch zhang buo finally get a girlfriend, and follow around yeh buo with stars in my eyes for the next n years. and go clubbing with bruce and fiona and eat brunch with them the next day, when we're all fucked up but not in the fun way. wave bye to my favorite nightguard every day on my way out. meet up at hi-life every day after that noodle place that sells pork blood soup and pig intestines.

god, how wonderful people can be.

why do i always get so much more attached than other people? i really kinda wish it would stop.

we'll just make do.

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