Saturday, August 28, 2010


i ate properly! the first time since i've been back that i felt full. with the help of my parents and like 6 mainland chinese people, 4 of whose names i still do not know.  parents and i went to yeah!burger. it was great! if very expensive. 900NT, are you serious? for 3 burgers?! but yeah. i was totally ready to just cook a simple meal tonight, when my roommate and a bunch of her friends were like [TAKE OVER KITCHEN WITH MAINLAND ACCENTS AND HEAVILY INFLUENCED CHINESE COOKING] and then they looked at me and before i knew it i was sitting down at a table with them eating a bunch of food.

dreams i have had not involving taiwan: 0.5 (i dont remember it. also, 0.5>0, so i'm counting it as a win)


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