Saturday, August 21, 2010

love in its forms

i have eaten more than i ever could have imagined.

shida, shilin, raohe night markets. bistro O, ximen hookah bars. insomnia, brown sugar lounge. barbados pregaming. all of dong qu, god, all of it. zhonxiao dunhua, in all its glory like a fucking hot mess. the tattooed subculture behind those streets, unforgettable. xiaobitan, bali, dansui, maokong, the very very top of yangminsan. eating barbeque corn by the shore, watching as miles and miles of blue pass you by from the car. coffeehouse after coffeehouse perched on the edges of the coastline. it looked like what you'd imagine heaven to be. or what i would. nothing but clean lines so blue it makes you thirsty. a bright umbrella to shade you and a small cup of coffee to keep you. watching this beautiful sunset more orange than i've ever seen.

you did good, taipei. fist bump.

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