Tuesday, December 6, 2011

fuck, i have to go to sleep, and i've still got so many thoughts and i don't really know what to say
i like someone and i think i see something in them that people don't really often see, you know, they just call him weird but i think he's wonderful and belligerent and maybe a little boring like me and we could get along if he ever knew the me that i knew. the one that doesn't giggle.

but it's stupid because we both know i'm leaving in less than two weeks and for him to do anything about it would be to hold him to standards of courage i'm unwilling or unable to assign to myself.
and i'm not fucking prepared for finals and i can't ever get up in the morning, and fuck, i just need to settle down because in the outcrop-- ahhh i have no idea what i'm talking about. this is the last time i read questionable things before bed. the end.
i have cinnamon rolls and panettone in the fridge that i will never finish.

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