Monday, December 5, 2011


giving things to people makes me happy. giving things and cooking for people, and leaving my mark. i could hardly bear to wear those cheapo heart shaped glasses for fear i'd scratch them, and it's a shame that mike will probably never understand something like that (though i shouldn't be so quick to cast aspersions on his character, right? so it goes.)

it's not because i'm trying to be a good person either. maybe it's even the opposite of that.
i've never really thought about it before, honestly, but i think what it is, is that when it comes to other people,

it's the only manifestation of love or affection that you can ever control.

there's no telling if someone cares about you like you care about them, or feels anything at all. but if you do, then you should outpour it. because you can.

a lot of thought went into giving chad my last twix, okay?! 

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