Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sunny day

 "It's Real" nails the feeling of when love goes from being The Great Intangible to something that settles in your bones. --Martin Douglas

taken from the pitchfork top 50 songs or something. and that new real estate album is pretty damn baller, not gonna lie. but something about this wording, is just so. true. not true in the binary sense; true in the way that self respect or the soul is true.

being able to recall someone's face from memory, rather than intangible birds eye views of clothing and movement. because they are familiar now.
understanding, really understanding them, and making allowances for when you don't.

love never really stops being The Great Intangible, but all that mystery and wonder and fierce feeling takes residence in your bones and flows through like DEADLY NEUROTOXIN

insert something poetic instead of a Portal reference
nope gonna keep it

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