Monday, November 12, 2012

at home

within the past week, i've been asked out by 3 boys and 3 more are interested.

while yes, a part of me is flattered that i still got game (yes i said that unironically), the other part of me wonders two things:

1. is this going to end? should i be taking advantage of a time when dudes aren't all married and settled down? what if i'm missing opportunities by waiting and 'dealing with the kevin thing the healthy way'?

2. should i?

y/n, dating while still trying to get over the wreckage of a breakup: good idea, or fucking terrible idea

some of these boys are really wonderful. the best people i know. but.. i know deep down that i was never the type of person to sweep the baggage under the rug and find replacements or diversions. because that shit is just so dumb, and it doesn't ever truly work anyway. i'm just worried that one of these may be the real deal, and i'll have given it up because to me at the time, all he was was a distraction.

even though i know that's what kevin will be doing, and yes, i might be "winning the breakup", it all seems so--


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