Sunday, November 4, 2012

at the mouth of a minor tributary

yesterday i held open a door for someone! and taqlked to jason about texting this girl so they could talk about stuff and not have a bunch of unspoken weirdness between them. it felt good, no matter how small the deed, to stop looking inward into some big black hole of --well. everything you feel the aftermath to be.

i want to do operation christmas child shopping and gather some friends to do it, but i have no idea if i'm prepared to drive to the drop off point. and i dont think anyone else cares enough to drive 40 minutes to , idk, bumfuck georgia (jk like jimmy carter orsomething idek) but... i'll look into it i guess.

BMP 11/3: drove on unfamiliar roads for the first time by myself. went to the porter to meet up with a friend and took briarcliff all the way to north druid hills. it was gorgeous, especially during the fall! for some strange reason, it made this thought appear in my head that i really should move out of georgia. but i have no idea why? drove on some access roads by mistake, found my way back home. ACCESS ROADS ARE WAY BETTER THAN HIGHWAYS. but yeah, i loved the winding roads, and the way the trees arched over me..i began to understand a little more why people like driving. so... cool

haven't done any of the things i said i wanted to keep up with. mea culpa. life is a WIP though, so let's just try to keep at it.

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  1. jimmy karter is like 30 minutes tops not even far as your house