Saturday, November 10, 2012


Y'know those guys with the tattoos visible, like on their neck and arms? I think that's awesome. I love the way it tells a story and curves from the elbow up to that vulnerable inner part of the forearm, down to that delicate jut of wristbone. Or the way it caresses the underside of a jawline. The curves of the human body are, after all, geographically astounding and ever changing.

As much as I love it, what it also means is that they live in a world that will always be vastly different from mine. One where there is no such thing as a corporate job interview and a desk job. The ones they would qualify for and pass are those of a completely different nature than mine: valve. any number of san francisco startups. 

I guess I don't have a particular focal point to this. It's just interesting sometimes to think about how vastly different and similar we all are. both when we open our eyes and when we don't.

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