Friday, May 20, 2011


i'm tired of guys saying girls are crazy, and i'm tired of saying boys are assholes. or that they suck. or the whole "girls is conniving bitches" spiel. we should stop with the generalizations. yes, girls and boys do sometimes possess their... particular and distinctive traits.

the truth of the matter is, we are all responsible for each other. most of us will be children till the day we die. so how are we to expect kids to know how to treat something infinitely precious?

this is not to say we don't feel capacity for love, which is one of many things that redeems us.

mostly though, it's that we just suck at taking care of each other. or we're selfish, and things like 'sparing their feelings' or 'not wanting them to get hurt' spawn lies that down the road hurt even more.

so anyone can choose to be bitter and say that girls will just hurt you in the end. that they're smart. or that boys are assholes who will always be assessing other girls.

but each person is a diamond being. and we may be masochistic idiots, but when you venture to fall in love, that real love*it's only with one person.

and you could not possibly generalize them.

* j has no idea what this is, and has only ever come close. but it exists, which is good enough for the purpose at hand

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