Saturday, May 28, 2011

saved by the bell

steven said something today that made me crack up for who knows how long.

Steven: she's a big fan of the "entire sermon ripped from the bible" school of thought
me: you dont need the bible to learn how to not be an idiot
Steven: .........
i see
well, her favorite NYC church basically sermoned from the Bible
boring as fuck
me: being a good person isnt completely dependent on being a christian
Steven: with me sitting there the whole time thinking
me: oh
graet lol
Steven: so.......if i think your book is full of shit
but no
i don't think the Bible is full of shit
i think it's a lot more outdated than it should be
that's why i thought up a potential sitcom
to modernize it
Jessica loved my idea
Derek said it was the worst thing to happen to Christianity since the Crusades
me: hahaha oh derek.
Steven: but yeah
here's my 5 minute pilot idea
Emmanuel is a freshman in high school
parents are like, "you're too shy and introverted"
Steven: join a club
Steven: .........
me: i second the crusade thing
Steven: so!!!
Steven: being in California
he joins the beach volleyball club
me: LOL

this continues for another 10 minutes. he's not even done yet. there are wrestling matches with The Rock (get it? i almost wish i hadn't)

and that's how i spent the evening laughing harder than i have in weeks.

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