Tuesday, May 17, 2011

boundaries of language

accept that you are not going to be able to go everywhere you want to go. that tempus fugit, and there is never enough of it. so even though you're on some island off the coast of spain that has the most beautiful beaches you've seen on paper, even if you're about 20 miles away, maybe it's just not feasible at the time. maybe there are constraints.

that's fine. that back alleyway in montevideo or the thermal pool in pantelleria will have to be left for some other person's eyes. we can't mourn the places in the world we'll never be able to go, because it's trying to count grains of sand and hold them all in your hand. we get one handful. maybe two, if we're lucky.

we'll just let them pass through our fingers, and let the tide move us where it does. 

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  1. Besides, being wherever you are is 98% about being wherever you are. I say: plan less, live more.