Friday, May 20, 2011

bric a brac


p.s going to westvleteren abbey in belgium. this is so important to me. you have no idea how happy i am that i'll be able to go here.

my mom was talking about my dad and how he was getting sentimental over our childhood pictures. which made me realize, oh, uh oh, maybe i get it from him.

the title of this post is from a t s eliot poem. not sure which. pretty sure i loved it though!

world not ending guyz? :/

come on, skinny love, just last a year
pour a little salt, we were never here

ever since mildly separating myself from twitter, it seems to have lost some of its appeal. are people just not posting or is it one of those things where you realize how strange it is after leaving? can i call it facebook-itis? but where will i put my SUPER DEEP SIMPLY STATED THOUGHTS?

saw a recent picture of tim with his girlfriend. he looks really, really happy. i hope i can find someone like that too, soon.

the thing about twitter is, am i now thinking less thoughts?

et qui va promener les chiens?

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