Wednesday, November 24, 2010


feelings should be reciprocated. in equal amounts, mind. everything should be quantified, and people can like each other the exact same. no one would like someone more or less. no one would settle. no one would be scared, or be with someone safe just because they were hurt in the past by someone they really loved. everything can be quid pro quo, and whatever you give of yourself to someone, you receive the weighted amount in return.

 there will be no uncertainty. no variability. no one would be left, no one would leave. no one would cheat, or feel anything at all, even. except for the knowledge in the back of their head of depending on a person, as solid and instinctive as 2+2=4.

so fuck you. maybe somewhere in the vast universe there are other beings and maybe it's like this. and maybe they wish for a world where people are swayed by their emotions and to put love in a box like that would be to disrespect it.

but fuck that. i'm going to live in a world today where everyone misses just as much as they are missed.

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