Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lost in the world

kanye's album. buy it. listen to it. download it. i can't stop plugging it because it's so different and so, so, SO, GOOD.

used to date a guy who was way pretentious about his music. i think i still am too, a bit. lol i wouldnt let emily play katy perry at under the couch when she was here yesterday. but hey, music is music, and if you feelin' it, you feelin' it.

if you like justin bieber or miley cyrus though, well i'm just sorry because you are wrong.

i decided against hooking up with Guy. at this point, my honest motives would have been mostly vindictive, and that is never ever ever a good idea. i hope Other Guy still wants to be friends, that would kinda suck if he didn't. oh well. there's an elephant in the room and i'm bout to call its punk ass out.

so apparently there are these things called SKITTLES WITH CRAZY CORES? and they're like SKITTLES? with CRAZY CORES? what is this i don't even. WHO IS GOING TO BRING ME THESE MAGICAL CANDIES?

speaking of candies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 it's almost christmas time. and you know what happens at christmas time?

see's candies.

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