Monday, November 1, 2010

round and round and round

i believe:

  • homosexuality is not a sin
  • you don't need to be baptized to get into heaven
  •               -(though you should be baptized if you believe)
  • women can and should be pastors or religious leaders
  • sex is something incredibly intimate between two people dedicated to spend their life together
  • straight divorce should be fixed before gay marriage 
  • abortion should be allowed if the mother was raped and/or unable to provide for the child
  • marijuana should be legalized
  • the death sentence should be illegal 

maybe people don't want to stir the waters, and step out of the safe bunkers of neutrality. but if you have a belief and you are too afraid to stand up for it, then you don't deserve to believe in it.

*assuming, you know, you're not gonna be killed by the government or taliban militants or something.


  1. Hm, ok.

    - 'Sinning' is too pale a concept of human morality
    - You don't need to be baptized
    - (you probably should if it'll bring you closer to your family and community)
    - Women can and should be pastors or religious leaders
    - Sex is amazing and shared with great trust
    - Divorce is unfixable, marriage is a formalization of commitment and compassion between any two (possibly more, but that seems untenable)
    - Abortion should be allowed, but never taken lightly
    - Marijuana should be legalized (and taxed)
    - The death sentence should be illegal

  2. big words for a little girl