Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fun in advanced engr econ

[insert complicated things here]
Hackman: so i offer you instead of the market price of 18.18, C portfolio choice at $18. you buy it, the next day, p=0.8 of the market increasing to 125 from 100. what are you gonna want from me? the 25 dollar profit, right? so what can we conclude about the consumer and the seller?
m.s. from germany: *makes a driving steering wheel motion with two hands*
Hackman: what... what is that. *makes it too*
m.s. from germany: it means "i screw you"

[presumably in second language accented english, that he got a better deal out of it than if he had bought at 18.18. or, hilariously.]

Hackman: so tomorrow morning, you're going to call me up and say "dr. hackman, i screwed you."

Hackman: so, you would be [snicker] basking in the glow, so to speak, in the sense that you would be gloating.

this class is, collectively, five years old. too busy cracking up to mind too much.

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