Thursday, November 25, 2010

now we're going to skewer the torkey.

what my parents bought for thanksgiving:
  • sliced pork and beef for hot pot
  • honey baked ham
  • a rotisserie chicken (???)
  • potato rolls
  • chips
  • pecan pie
we are at a crucial time where i could either buckle down and cook the rest of the stuff for an american thanksgiving... or be super asian and do hot pot.

either way, we need a bottle of prosecco before this night is over. and martinelli's cider. because come on, peeps.

for all the unhappiness of the year, it was because such wonderful things to miss. the people i met this year and the brief time we had before it all ended or went to shit-- i would do it again in a heartbeat. and for the things that didn't end, so much the better. there's an inordinate fondness i have for you all, and i remember it in startling detail. going to the star bar with jennifer, talking every single fucking day with lauren. i wish i'd have known when i met you in second grade that thirteen years later we'd still be here. sleepy time with bisca and steph, super mario galaxy on weekends with emily. the butts brigade. walking around tipsy in the woods at midnight, oh god.

shooting the shit with jeff and those two great months for all they were worth with tim. all of taiwan. all of it, even days when i was sick of sweating and family politics. i can't even think of those people; it would take too long. i would get too-- something. reminisce-y. daniel tong stretching my facebook and just being there for me, and getting beer at brickstore with sang. damn that scotch ale was strong. mike and his nametag and the pineapple ice cream and his apples that i liked better even if mine were sweeter.

you aren't ever the same after people come into your life. blah blah carl jung blah blah pieces of others.

for all i thought i was lonely or fucked up this year, i was blessed so much. even if i dont ever or can't ever show it the way i want or should, i love you all.

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