Saturday, November 13, 2010

we would take trips but never pictures

ok. so this is srs business, because i had a warehousing project review in one of the isye conference rooms and the entire time all i could think of was how fucking awesome these chairs were. they were ergonomically designed. they were soft and cushiony, and they leaned back like they were designed to. they were heaven. i wanted to marry this chair. i wanted to make a shrine for this chair. i wanted to buy this chair nice things for the awesomeness it bestowed upon me.

mostly, i wanted to get on the floor and check the tag because i'm sure this upwards of 200 dollar chair would be making an appearance in my house once i have a full time job/am rich enough to afford it. alas, this is impossible with so many people around, includin gyour professor. i also thought about stealing it, but that would maybe be impossible too. with people around.

oh god i need to plot.


you give pieces of yourself away. you get some in exchange. the rate of exchange is incidentally never equal, and life is learning how to be okay with that.


can boys stop being such little bitches? seriously. i'm sorry i dated your brother and he ended up finding another girlfriend he's now super happy with. please maybe acknowledge me when i say hi to you! :)

 i'm sorry we ended up not doing as well as you expected us to in senior design. we got an A and almost made finalist! please talk to me. i'll be calling you tomorrow and demanding you be my friend again. BE MY FRIEND AGAIN OMG

sorry i-- well, actually, you are just an unpleasant person. i think you just don't like me, and that happens with everyone. sometimes you just have a feeling about someone, and nah, i can't begrudge you that. though on the whole, i would consider the circumstance of you sucking to be more of a bad thing for you, really. because my feelings get hurt whenever i talk to you, but you? suck. and that's unfortunate.

yeah, i dont understand. it actually takes more effort to be unfriendly and to go out of your way. though i guess if you are pissed at a person, it's deemed worth it. maybe once i get the balls, i'll stop bitching about it on blogspot and deal with it the normal way. w00

shoot it's late.


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