Sunday, November 21, 2010

float like a feather in a beautiful world

so here's what i'm wondering.

you know the whole, idklol where people are like this is DIFFICULT i am going to ignore you for a good long while and then after a few months, feelings have suddenly diminished or gone away entirely?

if feelings can be dampened and if they can disappear like that, can you likewise foster them through SERIOUS HANGING OUT TO THE MAJOR N-TH DEGREE?

i was never under the impression that feelings of attraction could be forced and or manipulated like that.

but you know, if falling out of 'love' by avoidance actually works*...

however, i'm in no state to test out this theory. someone will have to let me know. take one for the team, COMPLETELY GLUE yourself to the chick you're into and see what happens. you know, assuming no one fucks it up and then starts proving the other theory. which, there's no groundbreaking work to be done there, kiddos.

*take this word with a grain of salt. i mean relatively speaking

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