Thursday, February 10, 2011

ahh, procrastination.

so i sort of remotely own will smith's will 2k single.....ON VINYL.

there are balloons at utc and one of them looks like a cookie monster NO MORE ELABORATION

skrillex show in two weeks i'm kinda excited it is DUBSTEP i hope it's insane

gathering courage for you you you you and you. and saving you for last because you make my insides feel funny.

i get deja vu all the fucking time now. i think i've seen the things i'm about to do, in my dreams before. i either need to stop remembering them or find someone to tell them to. else i may esplode.

grad students have feelings too, you know. today it was totally like

prof: we're going to start on this theorem because i don't want to waste the last five minutes of class
class: [collective groan]
prof: we won't finish, and it's just a little bit
class: [collective groan]
prof: oh come on.
class: [collective groan]

yep. you don't fool me. you all may be some freak geniuses that like to take hard classes 'in order to learn something' but at your core, and deep deep deep down, you're normal. ish. a little. passably. maybe

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