Sunday, February 6, 2011

inane ramblings

oh my goddddd i've been fucking around for the past month doing jack shit and it's about to come full circle. today is my DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR ELSE day. jebus.

also this band is great. have had em on my ipod for the better part of a year or something, and just started getting obsessed with them a couple days ago. if you havent heard of them you are now well on your way to being ~indie~, ~relevant~, and ~hip(ster)~. JK they're not recent enough everyone in the know has heard of them you're too late.

yesterday at bisca's birthday party, when we were waiting for her i accidentally maybe whispershouted "shut the fuck up!" when the same group of guys started giggling and causing a fuss in the dark.

wow, was that effective.

incidentally, i didn't mean to, ok :< i just forgot that i was in a room full of super christians.

more and more, i think this:

your body is not a temple. it's an amusement park. enjoy the ride.
_anthony bourdain 

if i'm being super sacrilegious right now, idk. i just thought, a relationship with God is 100% first priority. but in a world of so much color and culture and whatever else; in a place where your life is rife with opportunities missed (you could have been a ballet dancer, or a lacrosse player, or a painter, or) why would you not struggle to imprint as much of that on your soul?

i think sometimes christians are just scared.


that was my hypocrisy marquee. in my weak defense, i'm a coward in the boy arena, not the being okay with new (non boy related) things arena.

speaking of which, i realize fell more in it in the worst way, as he fell out of it. damn i'm like a psychic. i should have said yes, sure, ok. wrote it a thousand times on post it notes and stuck them to his forehead. i should have run screaming after him into the dark. haha 活該.


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