Saturday, February 12, 2011

beau geste

i wanted to post on my twitter, badmouthing someone constantly if they didn't do anything to you doesn't make you a better person. it actually just makes you an asshole.

though, i realized a few things. i've done it before, to a friend. not sure if that's better or worse than badmouthing someone you barely know, but. also, i can do better than that. i can call up your best friend, and your ex girlfriend, own up to my negligence, and fix my friendships with them.

and i'd love to put that in a place where you would see it. start some passive agressive unspoken war of words and hearsay. but you're not even worth it. i don't give a shit about you. we have no history, and sure as hell have no salvage value.

you? you can go right ahead and keep talking shit. lie some more, while you're at it. personally i'm hoping it makes you feel great and helps you mature as an individual.

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