Friday, February 18, 2011

chewing gum

someone once described their brother to me, all like "he was the type of guy who had a girlfriend. and a backup girlfriend, and a backup backup girlfriend."

i didn't say anything to them about it at the time, but inside i thought, 'my condolences'.

to the girls who may or may not have been expendable. who may or may not have been into him the same, but themselves were put on some sort of ranked scale.

and also to the boy who thought the heart is spacious enough to house multiple people in DESC, as though people can be thought as 'if this doesnt work out, i have someone just as good who i'll feel similar for'.

i don't know much, or have any experience at all. but i know it doesn't work like that.

more and more i think you live by what you let go.

better to have one and ruin yourself.

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  1. cmon janet people come in all varieties with all range of capacities you dont know how it works for that person