Thursday, February 24, 2011

fell asleep, had a dream

everything is sore. EVERYTHING. even my throat (it's pollen season). i'm never working out again.
jk i'm going to the crc today and probably every weekday. YAY motivation OW OW OW sore :( TIME TO GET IN SHAPE.

speaking of pollen season, is it possible that it won't happen if i will it hard enough with my mind? i sneezed today and was like WAIT. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO

speaking of nothing in particular, europe planning!!!! much more fun than hw when they're like "DUDE PROVE THIS THING and USE LOTS OF INTEGRALS lololol" that's what it says verbatim on the page. to which i respond with belgian beer thoughts.

exceedingly questionable premises.



  1. if you dont have rest day you won't actually develop more efficiently than working every other day unless you really know what you're doing