Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i never understood the point of being grossly (in all senses of the word) PDA on facebook. what, like you don't see this person every day that you have to publicly post on their wall "I MISS YOU HONEY". no such thing as a text, einstein?
i suppose a lot of the things we do are pretty transparent. and i'll never rag on public PDA like a lot of people will, because the human touch is probably one of life's most wonderful things and i loved every second i got to hold someone's hand. touch away. love away. make someone feel special- away.

in times where no one knows how to be alone, we can find our solaces where we do. and there is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing someone is proud to slip their fingers around your waist. to quietly declare to all who care to notice, that they've chased and are happily caught in return.

the facebook posts are kinda dum tho. lmao

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