Thursday, August 18, 2011

list making

i kept a running list about you in the other blog. (god, yes, i know, another blog, i am so full of WORDS EVERYWHERE, so many words everywhere, god, it's absolutely fucken ridiculous is what it is, why do i write so much, shit)

i titled it 'A Running List of Things I Like About You' and i dated it january 29th, 2015. this made sense to me at the time, since i was convinced i would keep finding things, and dating it that way would keep it at the top. for me to see. whenever i was on there. for me to easily add to. it was a good system, if a bit .. indulgent.

contrary to my belief, it's an interesting retrospective read. there are things on there that i forgot, really wonderful things that i'm glad i had the prescience to write down. i wish i knew what prescience meant. i'm pretty sure it means what i think it does.

i dunno, just thought it kind of funny like. and i read it, and read it, and thought of virgil and how he said Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore, and unrequited infatuation, and deleted it without a third thought.........................................

But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.

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