Saturday, August 27, 2011


mpb i went to the party

i love chad an jason they are my favorite and also kosine
not cuz kosine and i talk or anything but he's cool on principle i guess
and even though they'll be mike's first no matter what i still think they are the best people
ok not the best people but so damn


o i guess jason is emma's?
and chad is.? ?????

now that i went to the party and mike was there and it was fine i can go to otherplaces with mike there and be ok too. ezpz!!!!

chad is the best. not that he'll ever be buddy budddy but he's one of the good ones and don't you forget that world. you better lay yourself out for him like MAGIC like he's a goddamn sorority girl at tech, world. you better make good things happen fr him.
i'll be so pissed if you dont go out of your way to make things good for him like travel and stuff
and shit mike asked me one word about europe an how do you even describe europe but no way in hell am i gonna be like, we need a few hours and a couple trappist beers because i do that with people who don't break my heart but that's what you need for europe ok. so i said unforgettable and that's all you get, a cheesy thing because that's what surface people get.


i love chad.

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